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With My Speak Shop you  can speak with any tutor you like, any time, live on the Internet. Take advantage of our extensive search engine that helps you find a teacher according to language, dialect, age, gender, occupation, education, hobbies and many other criteria. View their picture, video, achievements and how they were rated by other users.

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Now you can improve your language skills every day with a different tutor while talking about your hobbies, interests, studies, or your work. If you are tired of wasting time travelling to lessons or you feel embarrassed when a tutor visits you at home, My Speak Shop is the perfect solution for you.

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Who My Speak Shop is for?

For everyone! It doesn't matter why you want to practice your language skills through conversation: changing your job, applying for a foreign college, a crucial exam, or other ambitions – you’ll soon be able to speak freely without leaving your home. Choose a tutor that speaks in way you are able to understand and change your tutor any time you like. 

As a My Speak Shop tutor you should be very flexible about the days and hours you want to work. You work online, from anywhere, whenever you have time and feel like working. Our portal guarantees that you receive your earnings and that all transactions are secure!

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